Saturday, October 4, 2014

Behind the scenes of "Sit on It!"

I am currently at work on my first homemade animation project starring my girls. It is a short 2-minute pitch, titled "Sit on It," for me to pitch to Saban Brands for their shorts program.

Since I have to create a short on such short notice, and because my animation skills are not that developed, I will be using limited animation in my project, even using some classic Hanna-Barbera sound effects.

I scan the drawing and I open them up on Photoshop, where I color and clean up the lines, turning the drawings into makeshift cels.

Donna is getting her makeup done.
Afterward, I transfer the cels to AfterEffects, where I composite the scene and sync them up with sound effects and scratch voices that I recorded on my iPhone. After I complete all the scenes, which I rendered on MOV files, I will pit them together on an AfterEffects composition and add stock music.

And should I not get my break, I can always use this in a resume to get into a good animation school.


  1. That's Ex-Cel-Ent Work on Your 2-Minute Short Film, Richard Smith!
    P.S., I've Recognized You on deviantART! :)

  2. 2nd P.S., Which Online Animation Supply Stores did you Buy your Animation Paper, Your Animation Light Box and other animation supplies including which types of Pencils IF You can Please Tell Us??
    I Was Just Asking a Puzzled Question

    1. I got them all from I'm drawing them on 10f paper with Tombo pencils.